My CVM TV Guest Host Appearance

In case you missed it, here is a video of me as Guest Host along with Regina Beavers and her CVM co-hosts on CVM @ Sunrise!!

3 thoughts on “My CVM TV Guest Host Appearance

  1. Regina Beavers comments are so stereotypical and really dripping with bigotry. I am sorry Chantal, this is not something you should feel proud for posting.

    • I’m sorry you feel that way Paul, but I am sure Regina didn’t mean to offend anyone with her comments. Everything is a process, so I hope that we will all learn and grow from this and future experiences. Thank you for your comment!

      • CHantal, I just saw this clip, and I have to agree with Paul Johnson. Reginas comments came across very unaware, very naive & even homophobic. She used comments like ‘effeminate” to describe a man who takes care of himself? And her comment about buggery…and describing her friends partner as looking “fruity”, and so many more? Her entire demeanour is poor. Chantal you should not be proud of this at all, very naive comments from all you ladies especially Regina. Sexuality is like a wide spectrum & men & women can have various degrees of attraction to same sex. Jamaican women need to be seriously enlightened, and educated on these topics. No wonder homophobia flourishes in places like Jamaica where people can chat nonsense on national TV & think its a reasonable discussion.

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